Developers Habits

Few years ago I had a discussion about developers habits and shared some notes with previous employer and colleagues. You can disagree with my finding but this is what I face every day it’s my bread and butter.

Developers are complacent:

The true nature of developers are very complacent they really don’t want to break the comfort zone. They do what they love to do but people are running software as business so they cannot afford it. Solution is simple challenge them every day. Ensure they are in an unrest state not by workload but by challenging them;

You code is your masterpiece not a secret.

Most of the developer protect their code as a secret, they just code without any comments, pseudo or instructions which always result in failure. Ideally I would say always write what you are doing so when you pull the plug someone could take care of your problems.

Even cobblers needs to mend their shoes.

Most of the programmers like me just code and forget, I personally believe that refactoring is the only way of survival of any project. Yes I agree we don’t have time and we will never have time unless we consider it as priority.

Code is self-explanatory.

Recently spend a huge amount of the time in identifying reported issues by clients but they turn out to be business rules. In most of the cases, project engage during lifecycle of development normally relocate after go-live live or completion leaving no traces behind, an ideal approach is to retain the key project people for some time for quick resolution but if that is not possible due to financial constraint, ensure that people are actually putting comments around their code so that others could understand.

Stress is the key to success not the quality.

Development is a creative activity like painting or any other thing, there is always is a difference between free range eggs and farm egg, as a development remember they difference of natural thought process and enforced ideas. Stay relax and keep producing good work.

Don’t code if you don’t know how to

Experiments are good but not in development. If you are not creative thinker or an artist try something else. Programming is a delicate combination of creativity and business. Don’t try to behave like programmers if you don’t have temperament to do it. It is a profession and skill that can be learnt but at the same time it is an art, which cannot be taught.

Spend time on pseudo

don’t ever consider yourself a the one who can perceive an end to end scenario while writing code.

Revisit your thoughts but don’t rewrite your code

Developers are welcomed to refactor the code but not to rewrite everything from scratch I have seen such examples a lot people just comment out everything and start again which is really a problem especially when you are billed on hourly basis.






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