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IIS 7.0 and 7.5 Not Rendering CSS Files or other static content

During a deployment for a client today of a custom ASP.NET application, IIS 7 refused to render external css files correctly – just spitting out Error 500 or blank content.  This happens because IIS 7 and 7.5 do NOT render static content by default – which is a little surprising but not completely unexpected.
To fix for Windows Server 2008:

  1. Open up Start – Administrative Tools – Server Manager on the Front End web server in question.
  2. Select Web Server (IIS) under Roles
  3. Click on “Add Role Services”

  4. Enable the “Static Content” checkbox.
  5. In IIS 7, Click on the Website and double click Handler Mappings

  6. Right click on “StaticFile” and click “Edit” .

  7. In the Module Field add “StaticFileModule,DefaultDocumentModule” and click OK
  8. DONE – FIXED!

The official support document for this on the MS site can be found here:



IIS 7.5 clickonce application Config error

one of my team member reported me that he is unable to USE 7.5 as clickone deployment server, upon downloading click one application system was throw an exception in the log files that it is unable to download the ****.exe.config file. when i browsed the file IIS showed me 404.7 :The request filtering module is configured to deny the file extension.
which simply means that file is in restricted extensions.
so to resolved this issue i went to IIS manager then website then request filtering and then i added .config ext as allowed type. in file names extension tab.
remember to use this only when there is nothing special in the config files.
this can also be done by web.config using following article.

some more details here