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Performance optimization of a Virtual Machine

Everyone uses Virtual machine now a days some as development environment others as testing environment. however many users who are not using latest HyperV technology still face slow performances for the VM. in my opinion following things can improve the performance of a VM

  1. Stop all unnecessary services. like indexing services or SQL server related services if not required.


  1. if you do not need network do select the option no local area network. it impacts a lot since the congestion on LAN make the VM a non responsive.
  2. make sure you are using unique name for the VM over LAN to avoid continuous network duplicate name
  3. increase the page file size so that host could easily process the VM data.
  4. make sure that from VM software options you are using following options for best performances.



Virtual Machine Reset Error Code (13)

since last two months facing this problem tried everything i know about computers and VMs finally found a solution which very basic.
if you are facing similar problem simply disable the hyper threading from setup and this problem will be resolved.